Keynote Extractor discontinued

In the previous post, I mentioned a breaking bug . Unfortunately we were not able to find a fix, and unwilling to invest into further investigation.

This means that Keynote Extractor is effectively dead. You can’t use it if you have the latest version of macOS and Keynote. If you are on an older version of Keynote, you can continue using it, but that is the only way.

Keynote Extractor depends on Apple’s Keynote format, which is undocumented and keeps changing. We can’t afford to keep paying for this puzzle.

What’s next?

I would welcome it if Apple were to include JSON or XML export out of Keynote itself, so web developers can get creative with that output. I will file a bug to Apple’s Radar for this.

I am looking for a macOS developer to take over the maintenance and potential further development of Keynote Extractor. Get in touch at